Owner & Engineer

Matthew, arranger, composer, educator, engineer, producer (SGA, ASCAP)

Matthew Vitti is an educator and conservatory trained singer with several accolades to his name, and has been performing and recording with various ensembles and bands around the world for the past 12 years. Recordings and performances include: the New York City Chorale, Bard Festival Chorus, ASO, VOCES8, Graciela Arguedas, Sharon Malane, Concordian Dawn, 1,000 Rooms Quartet- James Hall Group, St. Agnes Cathedral Chorale, Canticum Scholare, Kate Bass, Emmett Knox, DawnMother, Phil Cohen, Yokel and the Heavyweight, Jeremy Bass, The Selkie, Pro Arte, Karma Farmer, The Van Burens, Mother Brother, So Big, DapDon, Manbourine, Alain Charise, Fake Sinatra and Davis Baer. Matthew’s compositions, both classical and contemporary have been featured in competition, for Sector 9 Productions, as well as for NBC, MODKAT, and Patagonia. Matthew’s innovative approach to teaching and private instruction have brought him to work with students of all ages and skill levels. Currently, Matthew has private voice and drum studios, works closely with UCONN’s specialty outreach program, teaches voice during the Summer at Wyoming Seminary Music Institute, and is an Adjunct Professor of Music and Composition at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, CT.  

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, Matthew’s diverse musical background allows him to hear qualities and elements in a mix that are lost on most other listeners.  He has worked with a wide array of musicians spanning the classical to experimental realms, experience that has enhanced Matthew’s understanding of the relationship between sound and its impact on an artist’s ability to communicate with their audience.

Matthew’s creative aesthetic leans towards the warm, inviting sound of analog equipment, but combined with subtle digital enhancement. The fine balance between analog and digital creates an authentic, nostalgic sound that’s dynamic, spacious and rich. Typically, Matthew hits his trusty 1/4″ Pioneer reel-to-reel during recording and at the mix-down stage.

As an actively performing musician, Matthew finds it a truly rewarding experience to be involved in an artist’s creative process, bringing their emotions and unique sound to life in every piece.

Create. Enhance. Communicate.





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