iMac 27″ 2.7GHz Quad-Core Intel i5 16GB RAM

Logic Pro 9

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 16 Channel FireWire Audio Interface 16 stock preamps, 24bit/96kHz A/D Resolution

BLA Micro Clock MKII

Pioneer RT- 707 Reel to Reel

SuperCollider (audio synthesis programming language)

WFS Game of Life (interface plug-in library for SuperCollider)



Avantone Mix Cubes

Mackie Big Knob

Art HeadAmp Pro 6


API 3124m 4 channel mixer/preamp

ALTEC Vintage 1592B Mixer w/1599A Mic Preamp Extender (5 rare transformers)

(2) Ward Beck M490C – racked by Tom Gruning

Black Lion Audio Auteur 2 Channel Preamp

Grace Designs m101 Microphone PreAmp

Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity Tube/FET Preamp

JoeMeek ThreeQ 1-Channel strip with Microphone Preamp, 3 Band EQ and Optical Compression


(2) Black Lion Audio AGB Stereo Compressor (model number 00005)

Focusrite ISA 430 MkII Channel Strip

Vintage Moog Three Band Parametric Equalizer

Art Pro VLA Dual Channel Tube Optical Compressor

FMR Audio RNC-1773 Compressor

DBX 266XS 2-Channel Compressor/Gate

(2) DBX 160a Mono Compressor/Limiter

Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate XLR IN & OUT

ART 341 Dual 15 Band EQ

EV Tapco Stereo Graphic EQ

BBE Sonic Maximizer 822A

Valley People 610 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter/De-Esser


Neumann KM A

(2) AKG C214 Large Diaphragm Condenser

(2) SDC MOD Matched Pair KM 184 Reference (Michael Joly Oktava Mod)

(2) Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphones Lundhal Transformer

Cascade V57 Large Diaphragm Condenser

(2) Cascade M39 Small Diaphragm Condensers

CAD Audio M9 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser

CAD Audio Trion 7000 Dual Element Ribbon

Copperphone by Placid Audio

(2) MD 421 II

SE Electronics LDC X1

Electro Voice RE20

Electro Voice PL-35

Grampian DP4/L (Vintage British Dynamic)

Grampian DP4/M (Vintage British Dynamic)

(2) Rode NT5 Small Diaphragm Cardioid Condensers (Michael Joly – Oktava Mod Capsules)

(2) AKG Perception 150 Small Diaphragm Condensers

AKG D112 Dynamic

Telefunken M-80 Live/Studio Dynamic

(3) Sennheiser e604 clip-on drum mics

Audio Technica ATM25 Bass Drum/Bass Cab Mic

Shure 57s & 58s

(3) Homemade Contact Mics

MOD Drumshell Sub-Speaker Mic

MOD SM57 w/Telefunken Transducer

MOD Telephone Reciever Mic/Speaker


Ashdown Mag300 Bass Amp

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4×10

Motion Sound KP500 2-Channel Stereo Expansion (keyboards)


Pearl 5 piece Export Series w/Forum Series 10” rack tom, Remo Vintage Ambassador Coated Heads, FiberSkyn Ring Vintage Snare Head, various large toms and snares

Zildjian Cymbals

Brushes and bundles

Remo Djiembe

Iranian Hand Drum

LP Bongos

Upright Acoustic Piano

Yamaha PSR-220

Casio SA-35

Yamaha PSR-6

Vintage Elka X-55 Drawbar Organ (Italian)

Carvin Active pick-ups 4 String Bass

Ibanez Acoustic Electric 4 String Bass

Wurlitzer 145b Electric Piano

Signal Processing/Pedals

White Instruments 5024 Crossover Parametric EQ/Delay

Roland RE-101 Space Echo Tape Delay

Sansui RA 500 Spring Reverb

Digitech Whammy

Various delays, choruses, distortion and effects pedals

Electronics/MIDI Controllers

KP3 Kaoss Pad

Roland Groovebox MC-303

M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Controller









Location Recording Rig

Tascam DP-24


Art & Neutrik Patchbays

Light Sensitive Theremin

Various practice amps for heavy distortion and feedback sounds



DBX 224 Type II Tape Noise Reduction System

Large library of weird/uncommon vinyl

Live Sound

Yamaha EMX 860ST 16 Channel P.A.– 2 speakers, 2 monitors

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